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CSV-34 Embedded Manual Switch Drive

This manual switch drive is designed for embedded operation by manual lever or by a trailing vehicle It is available for installation between the tracks at gauges starting at 35 ½ inches. The HY-310 can throw a switch point up to 3 ⅛”, while the larger HY-311 has a maximum throw of 4 ¾”.

Our machine offers the flexibility to be converted from standard to automatic return operation (spring switch operation), by changing the position of a single component.

The device is clearly structured, with a simple and effective design. Two coil springs are provided to secure the points in the end positions and to push the points into a chosen end position after trailing.

High trailing speeds are achieved by mechanically separated adjustable end position dampers.

Additional add on modules are available to monitor the position of the points (two separate detector rods).

Advantages of the CSV-34 is high quality materials such as stainless steel frame and stainless steel rods

  • Easy access to all parts and components
  • Spring and damping settings adjustable on-site
  • Compatible with standard and automatic return switches
  • Possible to convert to spring switch operation without any additional parts
  • Low demand for maintenance and extended maintenance intervals
  • Possible to install into existing earth boxes
  • All mechanical parts are made of inductive hardened special steel

Your best choice for manual operation

  • Manual setting by a recess acting directly on the mechanical system
  • Trailable
  • Double spring setting and holding device
  • Stainless steel connecting parts,, each one with two universal joints
  • Maintenance free bushings
  • Available for standard and automatic return applications
  • Adjustable hydraulic dampers for smooth setting of switch points, individually adjustable for either direction