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CSV-24 Power Embedded Power Switch Machine

The small and low profile of CSV-24 houses all of the mechanical and electro-hydraulic modules. Installation into existing earth boxes is possible without necessarily modifying them.

Its compact dimensions (36 x 17 ½ x 7 inches) with large throws of up to 4 ¾ inches allows installation into turnouts of all types, with a gauge as small as 35 ½ inches.

The CSV-24 is the best investment: locking device and detector rods can be retrofitted at any time thanks to our modular design. Adaptations to meet different signaling system standards are available: the wiring harness is installed at the top of the machine and a variety of end position contacts are available.

The hydraulic power unit operates quietly and the switch machine's performance is not compromised by the power available, motors are sized to the power available.

Advantages of the CSV-24:

  • Watertight stainless steel box, stainless steel rods, locking device made of inductive hardened special steel
  • Mono-block hydraulic unit: no hydraulic expertise required, no pipes and fittings, no separate components
  • Watertight sealed case
  • Simple modular design
  • Possible to install into existing earth boxes
  • Full visual control of all modules is available
  • A diagnostic system is available as an option
  • Extreme low profile design – height only 7 inches (180mm)
  • Allows installation on top of standard ties or on concrete slab
  • Low maintenance requirements, no hydraulic expertise required
  • Low wear and quiet operation