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BlueRoll Point Roller

The BlueRollTM reduces friction between the popint and gauge plate, which directly reduces the force required to throw the point. This in turn reduces the need for maintenance and lubrication.

  • Consists of a ductile iron casting that houses either two or three high strength rollers available in three variants to suit different service conditions
    • BlueRoll Standard Duty: Sealed glass-reinforced nylon rollers
    • BlueRoll Heavy Duty: Sealed glass-reinforced nylon rollers within steel tires
    • BlueRoll Extreme Duty: Two piece hardened steel rollers with sealed needle bearings
  • Can be retrofitted to any switch by replacing the tie plate at the desired location, with a plate made specifically for the BlueRoll.
  • Contains internal seals which resist contamination from entering the bearing surface to provide a long service life.
  • Comes standard with a switch point lift of 0.078” (2 mm) with the option to lift additionally in increments of 0.031” (approx. 1mm)
  • Can also be easily adjusted laterally to provide the most efficient switch point lift.
  • Roller assembly is 100% BUY AMERICA compliant