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AUTOMATER® HT Yard Switch Machine

The AUTOMATER® HT combines the fully trailable RACOR® 22 stand with a solar or AC powered electro-hydraulic drive to form a versatile and compact locally controlled yard switch machine. For remote operation, the system can interface with third party controls.

The hydraulic actuator allows for soft closure, without slamming the switch points into the stock rail. This feature reduces vibration and the associated loosening of switch components.

The base of the unit is a rigid weldment housing modular components. There is a heavy gauge cover that can be opened for service by authorized personnel, and a lockable safety switch can disconnect power from the motor for servicing.




HT stands for Hand Throw, since the manual fallback mechanism is a robust mechanical hand throw lever. This means that if problems develop with communications or power systems, or even if the hydraulic actuator, hoses or motor are completely removed from the machine, the RACOR® AUTOMATER® HT can still be operated in manual mode in the same way as a traditional dual control switch machine. Setting the selector lever from POWER mode to HAND mode mechanically disengages the power drive from switch points, giving the operator control of the points through movement of the hand throw lever.

This allows for trouble free manual operation of the switch in a manner familiar to train crews and consistent with existing operating instructions, and avoids the requirement for maintenance forces to be called out on overtime for repairs.

The RACOR® AUTOMATER® HT will provide many years of trouble free service under the most severe operating conditions.


  • Electrical – 12 VDC battery power
  • Options – 110 VAC. Solar power source
  • Holding force – Spring Force 4100 lbs. 1600 lbs at ¼ opening
  • Hydraulic Power – 12 VDC motor/pump/reservoir (Heavy duty hand pump back-up)
  • Throw Force – Maximum 1750 lbs.
  • Hydraulic Operating Pressure – Max. 3000 psi (20.684 MPa)
  • Throw Cycle Time – Less than 1.5 seconds
  • Throw Length – 4.5 – 5.5
  • Operating Temperature -20ºF -130ºF (-29ºC - 54ºC)
  • Maximum Speed – 20 MPH
  • Dimensions – Length – 25": Width – 44" – Height – 22"
  • Weight – 950 lbs

US Patent No. 9,352,762

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