More than expected.

The time after our Electrical Steel Day was actually the time before. The great deal of interest and the large number of participants made it necessary to provide a second chance to those who did not have time for the initial broadcast, which a large crowd also watched. We would like to briefly report on our first digital meeting of electrical steel specialists, OEMs, motor and generator manufacturers and stampers. What can we say? We are overwhelmed and grateful at the same time that our effort and expense have more than paid off. Participants from 20 countries watched and listened to the voestalpine experts present their thoughts on electrical steel. The two days focused primarily on material purchasing, material selection, Backlack as a bonding technology and sustainability.

A large number of questions were sent to us using our online tool. Some of the questions were anonymous, while many had a name. We have taken a close look at every consideration and invite our customers to continue the discussion.

One of the most important responses was our commitment to being a global supplier of high-quality electrical steel from our own steel production base with a clear focus on the European production facilities of our customers. We are pleased to be able to support our customers in the intelligent selection of materials for their individual projects. Particularly tricky questions had to be answered about one of the most efficient joining technologies (Backlack) We were able to address and highlight the challenges that our customers face. We have outlined our future Green Steel business models for the growing number of customers who value sustainability.

A big thanks to our customers and partners for accepting our offer in these trying times and making the digital Electrical Steel Day a great success! We were able to utilize one of the major advantages of the digital world, which is more profound interaction with the audience. The questions and comments made the event very unique. We also thank our many colleagues who put forth so much effort and were highly dedicated to making the presentations and video/audio recordings a great success.

Of course we are looking forward to seeing you in person at one of our next exhibitions. The content was explicitly for event participants of is not publicly available afterwards. But of course we will be happy to continue discussions with all of our customers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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