Besides providing a wide range of steel products, the sales channels also provide a vast range of value-added services to meet our customer requirements.


Machining is often required by the toolmaker to help save time and money. Our companies offer a wide range of CNC machining options as well as the more traditional machining services such as milling and grinding.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment involves processes like hardening and tempering, stress relieving and subzero treatment with our state-of-the-art vacuum furnaces, all with the aim to provide the most appropriate heat treatment service in order to achieve the desired metallurgical properties in the steel to enhance tool performance.

Surface Treatment

ABP helps to extend the service life of die-casting and forging dies.

Oxidising forms a surface layer to protect the cavities of hot work dies from corrosion and erosion attack.

Nitriding gives a hard surface layer that is resistant to wear and erosion, and is useful especially in hotwork applications.

PVD Coating is offered to provide improved surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-galling properties, etc.  for dies and moulds.

Additive manufacturing

Complicated moulds and components which are unachievable with conventional tool making,  are now possible with Additive Manufacturing. This is attainable using laser powder bed technology also known as 3-D printing. Click here to learn more about voestalpine Additive Manufacturing.

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