The various sales channels of voestalpine High Performance Metals Pacific form a well-integrated tooling solution provider in Asia.  We have a wide-span of products that suit your needs.

Tool Steel

Tool steel is often divided into three main segments; steel for cold working, hot work and plastic mould applications. Cold work steel is often used in the manufacturing of stamping and blanking of different sheet metals. Hot work steel is mostly used to make tools for forging, high-pressure die casting and extrusion dies. Plastic mould steel is used for moulds and dies that produce plastic products.

Powder-metallurgy steel is the highest quality of tool steel and high speed steel in the market.  PM steels are especially good for applications where a combination of wear, chipping and cracking resistance is required.  Tools made of PM steels extend the lifetime of tools extensively.

High Speed Steel

High-speed steel is mainly used for the production of industrial drills and milling cutters where the tools rotate at high speeds.

Other Products

Machinery steel is primarily intended for use in the pre-hardened or as-delivered condition with applications such as die holders, backing plates, jigs and fixtures, machines or structural components.

Strip steel in various grades and dimensions are used for strip products like saws, knives, razor blades, scalpels and  valves etc.

Components are often made of engineering steels or in some cases, tool steels. Example of components include shearing blades and knives, screws and barrels used in injection machine, nozzles for hot runner systems and various machine components for producing food and medical products.

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