With e-cam, voestalpine Camtec digitizes cam units.

e-cam monitor and inform in real time. voestalpine Camtec thus opens up new dimensions of quality assurance, process reliability and economic efficiency in the press sector.

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Inspire with advantages. e-cam can.

  • Uniquely compact: Integrated cabling and identical external dimensions as voestalpine Camtec compact cam units. No interfering contours (switching lugs, holding angles).
  • Simply plug in & press: No internal design and installation effort for sensor technology.
  • Standard solution: Available as a feature for cam units of the optimized series (O-KS, O-BS, O-ES) as well as for all horizontal cams. Easily interchangeable.*
  • All the advantages of Camtec cam units: technical features, quality, dimensions.

*When integrating the e-cam step1, a different delivery time must be taken in account.


Monitoring and informing made easy. e-cam can

e-cam gives - quite simply - security. The digital cam is easy to install. The sensor permanently monitors the correct position of the cam base and whether the positive return is active. All information is transmitted via common interfaces.

Make the best cam units even better. e-cam can.

You can find answers to FAQ here:

What are the advantages / USPs of e-cam in STEP1?

  • You save the internal construction and assembly effort of the sensor technology. 
    • Construction: design the mounting bracket, check space requirements and switching lug, maintain parts list. 
    • Manufacturing & assembly: Inserting the thread for the mounting bracket, mounting and adjusting the sensors, cabling, etc.).
  • No space problems: Unwanted interfering contours are avoided (e.g. switching lugs or mounting brackets), as the sensor technology is directly integrated in the cam unit
  • Quality assurance / process reliability & economy
    • Detection of the open cam position
    • Collision avoidance due to insufficient cam return (defective gas spring or forced retraction)
    • Consequential damage can be avoided

What is the use of position monitoring from the cam unit (Step 1) if I have a positive return as a safety anchor anyway?

  • The passive positive return is not designed for 1 million strokes. If the gas spring is defective after 10,000 strokes, the positive return may already be subject to unacceptable wear after 50,000 strokes, resulting in damage to the die. Furthermore, the e-cam already detects in Step 1 if, for example, the cam base has dropped