The history of voestalpine BÖHLER Bleche spans more than 150 years, featuring many great inventions and developments.
Be it tool steel or high speed steel, be it corrosion resistant specialities or nickel-base alloys, voestalpine BÖHLER Bleche has been involved in the
development of these materials from the very beginning.
For instance stainless chromium steel, a material that conquered the world from Mürzzuschlag.

voestalpine BÖHLER Bleche protects and fosters this innovative spirit, upgrading and improving currently available techniques alongside the
development of new processes.
voestalpine BÖHLER Bleche thus positions itself as an ever more important and indeed indispensable partner of high-tech manufacturers.

Tailored solutions and perfect products are the result of excellent teamwork and the permanent effort to help our clients gain the competitive edge.

This development also shaped the image of an entire region.
Until this day, you can feel the pride that voestalpine BÖHLER Bleche employees take in their work, knowing that clients in every corner of the world rely
on them.

We know that the demands of our clients, both with respect to us and our products, are relentless.
Our objective is to satisfy them time and again.

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