Production location for cold stamping and hot forming

voestalpine Automotive Components Schmoelln GmbH and voestalpine Automotive Components Dettingen GmbH & Co. KG - manufacturing site phs-ultraform®center Schmoelln - produce ready-to-install stamped and formed parts, complex assemblies as well as safety and impact protection components for the automotive industry. Offering the production of high-quality parts and assemblies, covering a wide product portfolio and problem solving strategies in all development and production phases, the location is a reliable partner to the automotive industry for many years. With approximately 800 employees, voestalpine in Schmoelln is one of the biggest employers in the region. 



We produce complex components made of steel, aluminum and stainless steel using state-of-the-art progressive and transfer technologies and innovative production processes.

  • 250 t to 1,600 t pressing capacity
  • Multiple automatic welding and assembly centers with joining technologies
    • Punching / in-line measurement
    • Resistance spot and projection welding
    • Fully automated riveting and bonding process
  • Cold- and hot-formed structural parts and assemblies
  • CDC-coating

phs-ultraform center

The phs-ultraform®center at the Schmölln location manufactures press-hardened components using an indirect hot-forming process that sets new standards for design freedom, dimensional accuracy and process reliability.

phs ultraform
  • 1,600 t pressing capacity
  • Extensive laboratory and measurement technology
  • Range of materials
  • Max. sheet thickness: 5 mm from the coil
  • Max. coil width: 1.5 m
  • Max. table length: 6 m
  • Weight reduction by reducing the sheet thickness
  • Highest strength up to 1,800 mPa with even strength distribution
  • High degree of size accuracy – no springback after the form hardening process (indirect)
  • Laser-welded boards possible
  • CDC-coating