voestalpine Group identity

  • Where we want to go (Our vision)
    We’re the partner of choice worldwide for demanding product solutions involving steel and that allow our customers to stay that decisive step ahead.
  • Where we stand (Our positioning)
    voestalpine is a globally active group with a number of specialized and flexible companies that produce, process and further develop high-quality steel products. As a reliable partner to industry, voestalpine regards its customers’ needs as its own.
  • What we stand for (Our mission)
    Driven by our wide-ranging expertise and our conviction that there is always a better solution, we set ourselves the daily challenge of making the seemingly impossible happen.

Our values

  • We are mobile.
    Due to our decentralized structure we can act and react more quickly, and therefore fulfill the requirements of our customers with maximum flexibility and dynamism. We offer a faster and better solution on a shorter path.
  • We are specialized.
    As a worldwide network of independent specialists, we bring the right minds and skills to the table for each project and offer maximum experience and know-how. In a wide range of ways, we enable our customers to get a step ahead and ensure the success of our company.
  • We drive developments forward.
    Open to new things and with the curiosity of the scientific mind, our thinking is visionary and outside the envelope; imagination distinguishes our products and processes as well as our relationships with our customers. After all, nothing is so good that we can’t improve it – and this is how we consistently drive developments forward.

Image and brand campaign

Five employees from a variety of Group companies are sensitively and vividly portrayed. The campaign gives those outside the company the chance to peek over the shoulders of varius employees, professionally and privately, momentarily becoming a part of their lives. In accordance with our motto, "We're taking the future into our own hand," the principle figures show what sets voestalpine. The new productions foucs on the energy sector, aviation and commercial vehicles.

Future Magazine

voestalpine will send you the brochure upon request. Send an e-mail to innovation@voestalpine.com with "Future Magazine" in the subject line.