High Performance Metals

Overview of key products

Tool steel, which includes cold work steel, hot work steel and plastics molding steel. Cold work steel is used in the manufacture of stamping, blanking and cutting tools. Hot work steel is used to make tools for forging, high-pressure die casting and extrusion. Plastics molding steel is the main component for dies and matrixes that produce plastic products.

High-speed steel for the production of industrial drills and milling cutters, i.e. tools that rotate at high speeds.

Valve steel for combustion engines.

Powder-metallurgy steel that is particularly wear- and corrosion-resistant and, in this way, extends the lifecycle of a tool.

Special engineering steel is used, above all, in energy generation, e.g. for gear wheels in windmills and turbines or generator shafts.

Special grades for particularly heat-resistant, strong and corrosion-resistant components that are used primarily by the aircraft industry, in automobile and machinery production and energy technology as well as medical technology.

Nickel-based alloys and high-alloyed steels form the top quality class. They are used in extremely demanding applications by the aircraft and aerospace industries as well as in the chemical industry and offshore sector.

Cold rolled and hot rolled strip steels in various grades and widths serve as an input material for strip products (saws, knives, razor blades, scalpels, valves etc.).

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