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  • Logistics/JIT
    A comprehensive service portfolio across the complete life cycle of our products completes our product range and guarantees maximum availability and performance of the systems at minimum expenditure.
  • Installation Support
    For our turnouts, the service starts as soon as it leaves our factory.
  • Turnout Grinding
    Regular grinding of rails in tracks and turnouts is a firm part of a holistic maintenance strategy.
  • Turnout Services


Innovative system solutions during the entire life-cycle of the rail infrastructure network and expert support to our customers distinguish us as the leader in our field. We are familiar with our customers' challenges: maximising track availability while optimising operations reliability, safety and overall costs. Combining our innovative solutions with comprehensive services allows us to help our customers operate profitably. As an intelligent provider of digital system solutions such as real-time monitoring systems, we can assist infrastructure owners and general contractors in optimising track performance and asset management. 

Installation Support

Installation of HYDROSTAR
Installation of HYDROSTAR in South Korea

Technical support services from a single competent source.

Professional installation support by voestalpine VAE comprises monitoring of transport and logistics, technical consulting and quality assurance, installation check, and required documentation. We endeavour to ensure a long and unhindered life cycle of turnouts and track components from delivery. Therefore, the service starts as soon as it leaves our factory for turnouts.



Minimising life-cycle costs with systems intelligence.

We pre-assemble our turnout systems at a voestalpine VAE factory, providing our customers with fully functional, modular components and turnouts to the customer site for installation just in time, minimising time delays which ultimately lowers operating costs. Furthermore, our methodology ensures higher track availability through shorter line closures. In addition, the system turnouts' high first installation quality positively influences life-cycle costs because the turnout components are pre-assembled under laboratory conditions in the factory and installed on the track in this quality condition.

Turnout Grinding


Customised maintenance ensuring the availability and reliability of rail tracks and turnouts.

The demand for reduced life-cycle costs, increased availability and growing environmental awareness make track maintenance increasingly important. A customised maintenance strategy ensures the continued availability and reliability of railway tracks. Regular grinding of rail in tracks and turnouts is an integral part of a holistic maintenance strategy.

With its grinding technology for rail in tracks and turnouts, voestalpine VAE offers innovative maintenance meeting the requirements of infrastructure operators for short downtimes, cost optimisation, safety and responsible environmental protection.

Our on-track grinding machines remove unevenness of the running surface and fatigue defects due to rolling contact. In addition, these machines provide preventative and corrective maintenance, initial grinding on a rail in turnouts, connecting tracks, level crossings and other limited areas.

The availability of turnouts, including signalling components in the track, is significantly improved through grinding.

Turnout Services

Turnout service

Reliable and easy maintenance optimising rail network operations.

Reliability and availability of turnouts and diamond crossings help our customers maximise the use of their routes while controlling overall costs.

Combining our innovative products with comprehensive services and track solutions is how voestalpine VAE contributes to the success of our customers. In addition, we focus on the turnout's overall maintenance, including signalling components and rails.