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KE1/2 and KE1/4 rail fastening systems

The KE1/4 and KE1/2 systems are designed for ballastless tracks. The KE1/4 system is designed for fastening categories C and D, while the KE1/2 system is designed for fastening category D according to the EN 13481-5 standard.


The KE1/4 and KE1/2 systems meet all the requirements of the EN 13481-5 standard.

The system ensures low static stiffness.

Technical aspects of the KE1/2 and KE1/4 systems:

  • Typical applications - conventional rail, urban, tunnels and viaducts on ballastless track
  • Axle load - max. 260kN
  • Speed ≤250km/h
  • High longitudinal rail resistance - min. 9kN
  • Clamping force - 18 kN ÷ 19 kN
  • Track gauge adjustment in the range ±10 mm with 1 mm steps
  • Electrical resistance ≥ 5 kΩ
  • Regulation of the vertical position by means of adjustment pads
  • The use of nuts with non-standard polyamide inserts makes it difficult for unauthorized persons to dismantle the system
  • Static stiffness of the system in the standard version: up to 25 kN/mm (it is possible to adjust the static stiffness according to the customer's needs)