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  • 1.
    configuration based on track layout and environmental conditions
  • 2.
    fast delivery based on proven hardware platform
  • installation of UniAC[2] components and integration with your system
  • safe Performance on Track throughout the whole lifecycle ensured

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    with us as a partner

    highest safety and security (up to SIL4 and SL3 Cybersecurity level) depending on your requirements.

    reduce overall life-cycle cost.

    digital solutions enabling flexible (optimal) configuration and integration.

    performance beyond standards.

    Why you should TRUST in us?

    proximity to our customers

    • based on the global network of voestalpine Railway Systems our experts are always close and ready to support you
    • training can be offered in several different ways, depending on your requirements in person or online
    • consulting during design stage of the project to ensure a highly reliable and available Axle Counting System

    open, futureproof and flexible ecosystem

    • throughout the life-cycle supporting tools ensure easy maintainability and enable condition based and predictive maintenance
    • possibility to provide extensive diagnostic information to subsequent signaling systems

    standardized with high flexibility

    • cabling minimized to absolute minimum
    • one hardware fit’s it all – from tram to high speed applications
    • easy possibility to further expand the application based on already used UniAC[2] Axle Counting System

    interfaces flexible and easy to use

    • flexible Serial and Parallel Interfaces Protocol and/or Relay, Optocoupler
    • several external & in-house protocols already implemented
    • EULYNX (SCI-TDS) ready

    optimized throughout the whole lifecycle

    • easy installation, no trackside electronics
    • Wheel Sensor UniAS[2] with pluggable cable
    • reduced maintenance cost
    • highest availability through considered redundancy in most areas

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    you, tailored to your needs

    Our modular approach is simplifying Axle Counting Systems
    to a whole new level, by still maintaining highest possible flexibility. Let us introduce the functionalities and benefits
    of our components.

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    Axle Counting Systems can be used in nearly every rail bound application, however depending on your subsequent system requirements might differ. Please have a look on our already realized solutions showing how to easily integrate UniAC[2] with your system.

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