zentrak Hot Box Detection / zentrak Hot Wheel Detection / zentrak Cold Wheel Detection

Basic Training Course


  • Campus Siershahn
  • Sandra Beißwenger
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Purpose and Scope

  • The zentrak HBD/HWD/CWD Basic Training Cours contains all the necessary basic knowledge about HBD (Hot Box Detection), HWD (Hot Wheel Detection) and CWD (Cold Wheel Detection). Within one day, it covers the necessary essentials of the infrared measurement and temperature detection. Furthermore, all variants of installing the sensors are shown.
  • This training is intended for planning issues concerning the zentrak HOT BOX DETECTION / zentrak HOT WHEEL DETECTION / zentrak COLD WHEEL DETECTION system.

Course Content

  • Infrared measurement / hot box detection and hot- and cold wheel detection
  • Temperature detection
  • Overview about different sensor types and installation variants
  • Basic alarm types
  • Basic overview about system components and components in the track
  • Hollow sleeper installation and preparation
  • Cable system (track and cabinet)
  • Rail contact installation and calibration
  • Sensor and cover installation


  • Basics of infrared measurement and necessity of hot box and hot- and cold wheel detection
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge for maintenance
  • Practical knowledge of cable and sensor installation
  • Theoretical knowledge of system configuration

Target group

  • Responsible authorities, project leaders, engineers, technicians, maintenance staff and installers

Additional Information

Duration 2,5 Days

Full basic training course contains basic, maintenance and installation training courses


Knowledge about electrical components and principles

Language This seminar can be held in English or in German.
Training Theory & Practice
Group Size

Minimum Participants: 6
Maximum Participants: 12