Expert knowledge – Diagnosis and troubleshooting


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The SIL4-certified UNISTAR CSV 24 has proven its outstanding properties in over 6,200 applications in more than 40 countries over the last decade. Various fastening methods are available, like sleeper fixation angles, stock rail fixation, and earth boxes. The flat design makes retrofitting possible, even without civil engineering work in existing systems. The modular design makes it easy to flexibly adapt the drive to the respective requirements and conditions, and the average time for a repair (MTTR) is only 15 minutes.

Training content

In addition to the "simple" activities of maintaining and installing a product (included in the course), an expert is particularly able to

  • Understand system processes and modes of operation
  • Use test equipment and special tools
  • carry out troubleshooting
  • analyse faults and recognise correlations
  • repair the systems skilfully

In addition to a written test, the participants' performance is repeatedly tested and assessed through practical and assessed by means of practical tasks.

Target group

Specialist staff from the fields of track technology and superstructure, e.g. railway, track or signalling supervisors, employees of railway construction companies whose field of activity includes turnout drive and turnout locking systems.

Further information

Number of participants

Maximum 6 persons

Duration 3 working days, corresponds to approx. 24 teaching units     
Training approach Theory and pratice
Prerequisites None
Information For your own safety, please bring your personal protective equipment (especially safety shoes) to this training course