Track care with lubrication- and conditioning systems



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Level: Advanced


  • WS Academy partner of Railway Systems
  • Michelle Schönfelder
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The seminar covers all common rail lubrication and conditioning devices. Topics such as coefficients of friction between the wheel and rail, advantages such as the service life of the rail and wheels, as well as safety aspects in connection with rail lubrication and practical knowledge will be discussed.

Course content

  • Wheel / rail contact, stick slip effect and resulting problems
  • Which contact points should be lubricated / conditioned and why
  • Solution approaches, different lubrication systems - stationary and mobile
  • Explantions and differences to friction modifier and lubricant materials
  • Significance and necessity of coefficients of friction between wheel and rail, taking into account safety aspects such as braking effect and traction
  • Mode of action and efficiency of lubrication systems
  • Different methods of application
  • Innovative, contemporary approaches to optimize rail care
  • Achievable results based on studies and long-term measurements in connection with noise projects and material wear