Rail welding



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Level: Advanced


  • WS Academy partner of Railway Systems
  • Michelle Schönfelder
  • +43 66488 32 31 37
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This seminar covers all commonly used rail welding procedures. Welding procedures and consumables, as well as grinding of welds will be discussed in detail. The metallurgy of rails, the basis of rail welding, will be presented in a simple way.

Course content

  • Metallurgy of rails and the impact of rail metallurgy on rail welding - Why do have rails the chemical composition as they have?
  • Chemical composition of rails, rail geometry and the impact of both on welding technology
  • Flash butt welding – stationary and mobile machines process description and assessment of welding programs
  • Aluminothermic welding of Vignol and grooved rails process and critical factors for a successful weld
  • Innershield and stick welding of Vignol and grooved rails
  • Choice of welding consumables
  • Grinding of welds – the most important process step at rail welding
  • Weld failures and how to avoid them
  • Best practise