PHOENIX MB Refresher Advanced Training Course


  • Campus Siershahn
  • Sandra Beißwenger
  • +49 2623 6086 421
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Purpose and Scope

  • The PHOENIX MB refresher training course for advanced addresses all improvements regarding the PHOENIX MB.
  • Known fields of knowledge are going to be refreshed and amplified on the basis of theoretical and practical tutorials.

Course Content

  • System structure and functionality
  • Software, data backup and evaluation, configuration
  • calibration, maintain und corrective maintenance
  • Hardwaremodifications and improvements
  • Software changes and their impacts


  • Advanced basics and details regarding the system
  • Information on the actual software level and changes in detail
  • Preparation of the participants to work in depth in their field level

Additional Information

Target group

  • Experienced engineers and technicians

Group Size

  • Minimum 6 Participants - Maximum 12 Participants


  • 2 Days


  • Improvement and refresher course for PHOENIX MB