PHOENIX MB Combined Training Course


  • Campus Siershahn
  • Sandra Beißwenger
  • +49 2623 6086 421
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Purpose and Scope

  • The PHOENIX MB combined training course contains all necessary basic and advanced knowledge to install and maintain a PHOENIX MB system in the track. It covers the necessary essentials of the infrared measurement, data analysis and all fundamentals of the hot box / hot wheel detection as well as a practical installation and maintenance lesson.
  • This training is intended for managerial as well as maintenance staff that is responsible for the installation, planning and maintenance and troubleshooting issues concerning the PHOENIX MB system.

Course Content

  • Infrared measurement / hot box and hot wheel detection
  • Mechanical structure / installation
  • Electronic structure / installation
  • Working with the service console (SCT)
  • Configuration of all system parameters
  • Remote maintenance
  • Train Data Analysis Tool (DAT)
  • Field calibration (scanner)
  • Troubleshooting


  • Basics of infrared measurement and hot box / hot wheel detection
  • System structure
  • Circuit diagram (analysis of schematic diagrams)
  • Function of all main components
  • Software and configuration (PHOENIX.INI)
  • Advanced maintenance and troubleshooting

Target group

  • Responsible authorities, project leaders, engineer, technician

Additional Information

Group Size

  • Minimum 6 Participants - Maximum 12 Participants


  • 4 Days

Course Approach

  • Theory & Practice


  • Electrical components and principles