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Level: Advanced
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The two electro-hydraulic point drive types are operated with an external lock (SPHEROLOCK). The main area of application is predominantly in the mainline and are easy to handle and assemble. In addition, a detection module (EPD 4.0) can be included in the system for monitoring.

Training content:

Advanced training is the most frequently booked training category of our product training courses.

  • Basic and specialist knowledge in the area of system design
  • Safety requirements and occupational health and safety
  • System functionality and handling
  • Areas of use and application
  • Fastening types
  • Maintenance
  • Installation, especially adjustment work

Target group

Specialist staff and managers in the field of track construction and signaling technology, e.g. railroad, track or signal foremen, employees of railroad construction companies whose field of activity includes point drive and locking systems.

Further information

Number of participants

Maximum 6 persons

Duration 2 working days, corresponds to approx. 16 teaching units     
Training approach Theory and pratice
Prerequisites None
Information For your own safety, please bring your personal protective equipment (especially safety shoes) to this training course