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leova®, a sophisticated and practical post system for modern, quality-oriented and cost-effective winegrowing and fruit production, combines the experience from decades of collaboration with experts in winegrowing and fruit production and the benefits of premium steel processing. The steel post system is easy to relocate and lighter e.g. than concrete or wood, functional, extremely durable, and the undisputed no. 1 on the market when it comes to stability.

Our tried-and-tested system offering includes:

  • Vineyard posts
    Precisely manufactured with extremely durable and weather-resistant surfaces – the perfect solution for modern winegrowing.

  • Trellis posts for fruit production
    A purchase for life of the highest quality: ultra-strong based on advanced expertise.

  • Wildlife gates and fences
    The tried-and-tested protection for your harvests and animals is easy to use and suitable for all types of ground.

    Detailed information and technical data can be found at: