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  • We are committed to excellence
    Best quality for the success of our customers

We stand for precision. We attach great importance to quality assurance in order to make this possible, to remain within the narrowest tolerance ranges and to deliver the agreed quality. This is because you can only stay one step ahead if you think ahead, identify faults at an early stage and draw the correct conclusions from these.

Quality Award der KION GROUP

This award highlights the customer's high level of satisfaction with the product quality we supply and confirms our strategic positioning as a high-quality supplier.

Winning the KION GROUP Quality Award among 1,200 suppliers requires being rated extremely well in all areas of cooperation (performance, processes, productivity) and especially well in the quality delivered.

voestalpine Krems was awarded the title of best supplier in the "QUALITY" category. This award fills us with great pride and is also a motivation and drive for us to continue working hard in the future.

Controls and checks are a positive thing for us, as they give us the opportunity of identifying faults and demonstrate to us how we can do things better.