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  • Production processes with advanced technology
  • From slab to cab component

Forming quality products that provide the highest benefit to the customer from the best materials requires sophisticated processes and professional experts: voestalpine Krems has the expertise in processing and materials required for pioneering customised tubes and sections solutions – this makes us the preferred development and manufacturing partner beyond the roll-forming process.

Round tube forming

The welding process is applied to a round tube and is only calibrated in line with a rectangular or square tube of the same size in the calibration line.


  • Larger and more round-edged external rounded area
  • Weld seam position also possible off centre
  • Increased strength through the forming process

Direct forming

The strip used as raw material runs through roll-forming tools arranged in succession and is formed directly in stages to the desired cross-section.

Steps of forming
Forming simulation


  • Narrower tolerance ranges with the weld seam centre
  • Smaller (sharper) expression to the external rounded area
  • Lower tensions within the tube
  • When punching
  • When bending
  • When laser machining