voestalpine Venting Structures

Venting Structures

designed for pure performance

Using additive manufacturing, venting structures with a microscopic porosity can be produced that allow a targeted release of compressed air and ensure that the mold remains air free during injection. These structures help to avoid defects caused by the diesel effect, which is a well-known industrial problem. Our geometry independent venting structures provide application-specific venting performance and allow an easy and customized integration into the mold. Using our corrosion-resistant premium materials by BÖHLER /Uddeholm, the structures ensure high part quality throughout the mold lifetime.

The high material and functional quality of our Engineered Products leads to improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This is achieved through a reduction in scrap rates caused by defects such as burn marks and short shots, and a lowering of required injection pressure, which can contribute to energy savings.


Customer Benefits
  • Defect prevention by targeted air / gas release
  • Reduced scrap rates
  • Improved part quality
  • High venting performance
  • Porosity depending on the required venting performance
Product Features

Technical Data

Surface quality* Ra from 2.4 to 3.4 μm (vary depending on venting performance)
Venting performance** Different grades from 55 to 240 cm³/s·cm²
Recommendation for machining EDM (recommended) or High-Speed Cutting
Maintenance Two possible methods for cleaning:

  • Back flushing via channel using compressed air
  •  Ultrasonic cleaning with plastic solvent

* The expected surface quality of the plastic part depends on the post-processing, the used polymer, and corresponding injection molding process parameters; Ra values measured on the venting structure surface after Wire-EDM
** The flow rates can vary depending on the randomized internal porous structure about ±5%

Manufacturing Process

Additive Manufacturing

Technical Data

Industrial Performance Comparison
Properties voestalpine Venting Structures Conventional porous sinter material
Corrosion resistance
Wear resistance
Hardness (HRC) max
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