DOCTOR BLADES - Paper & Printing

Products include high carbon, martensitic stainless and high alloyed steel doctor blades. voestalpine Precision Strip, with the uddeholmstrip® brand, offer customers printing doctor blades with a superior life time, stable production with less vibration and reduced production down time. Resulting in overall
productivity gains and reduced production costs.



Our portfolio includes steel blades and thermal coated coater doctor blades. We supply both blade material and finished products to doctor
blade manufacturers and end users such as paper mills.

Productivity & runability

• Exceptional runability performance with our high quality coater blades
• Higher wear resistance for fewer blade changes
• Overall productivity gains and reduced production costs

Paper & board quality

• Improved profiles and PPS values
• Consistent coat weight


We supply both steel and thermal coated creping doctor blades to doctor blade manufacturers and end users such as tissue mills.

The entire manufacturing route from steel substrate to coating and grinding is done in house, enabling full control of the end product. This gives outstanding mechanical properties and dimensional consistency providing excellent performance on machines especially at high production temperature.


• Proven performance
• High carbon steel substrate
• Reliable blade properties
• Excellent cost benefit ratio

Cermet blades also available

Doctor Blades - Paper & Printing
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