Meat Grinding Technology

voestalpine Meat Grinding Kits

voestalpine Meat Grinding Technology is designed for diverse applications such as ground beef, salami stuffing, or burger patty production and fits all common machine types and brands. The knives and hole plates are made from premium material by BÖHLER / Uddeholm and incorporate state-of-the-art heat treatment and PVD coatings.

This ready-to-use solution offers improved processing properties, lower product contamination, and improved hygiene and shelf life as well as a significantly reduced total cost of ownership due to much longer regrinding intervals and lower down time.

Product Features

Property Features

Technical Data

Materials premium materials by BÖHLER/Uddeholm
Hardness Level Cutting Units 60 – 64 HRC
Hardness Level Hollow Plates 56 – 59 HRC
Remaining Components 50 – 55 HRC
PVD Coating voestalpine special coatings on some parts
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