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Quality and technology leader

Being able to produce high-quality steel using emission-reduced/neutral production processes is one of the major technological challenges for steel manufacturers in the transition to green steel production.

Progress through innovation

We are assuming the quality and technology leadership in this field. Using an innovative raw materials mix and efficient processes has allowed us to strengthen our position as a producer of high-quality steel grades despite this technological shift.

For more than a year we have been offering a CO2-reduced edition for all Steel Division flat steel products. This includes electrical steel, which is used in wind turbines, and high-tensile steels for lightweight automotive construction. This is made possible due to an innovative raw materials mix and even more efficient processes. As a result, we can meet growing customer demand in the high-quality sector while at the same time making a contribution to achieving the global climate goals. We have a clear goal: quality leadership in CO2-reduced and CO2-neutral steel production.

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Patent for carbon-neutral pre-material used in green steel production

We have developed an industrial scale process for carbon-neutral steel production without the use of fossil carbon and secured the intellectual property rights to the process from the European Patent Office. The patent is valid in all major European steel manufacturing countries and specifically covers the production of sponge iron (DRI or HBI) using green hydrogen and biogas in the direct reduction process.

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