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greentec steel at the Linz site

We have already cleared the land required for the greentec steel site in Linz. The dimensions of the giant construction site are colossal. The major project involves a total of 20 individual projects spread across the entire premises, both above and below ground: the highest construction point lies at around 60 meters; the lowest is 25 meters below ground. A team of around 250 employees is charged with realizing this major project. More than 230 external companies, including 60 local firms, have already been contracted as part of the construction.

Preparations at the construction site include installing a new raw materials supply system with a belt conveyor which runs over a distance of roughly 750 meters; relocating various storage buildings; constructing new roads; and making various adaptations to the steel mill. In the coming months, the new belt conveyor will be completed, and the new raw materials supply system commissioned. Subsequently, the old raw materials supply system and some ancillary equipment can be dismantled to make room for the EAF. Starting at the end of 2024, the hall housing the EAF will be built.

Microtunnel for 220kV power supply

We are also planning to build a microtunnel for the new 220kV power line that will supply the EAF with green electricity from 2027. The tunnel, with a diameter of around 2 meters, will be dug at a depth of about 25 meters and run between the substation and the EAF. The specific challenge here is that the tunnel would heat up to roughly 280°C unless cooled, and so needs to be flooded with groundwater for cooling.

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