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Steel for a sustainable society

In addition to the question of how steel will be produced in the long run, there also needs to be a focus on the contribution that steel already makes to sustainability. Steel plays an important role in achieving our society’s low carbon future: high-tech steel used in lightweight automotive construction, power plant turbines, or renewable energies such as wind power, saves six-times more energy—and thus CO2—than is used in its production.

Steel is one of the most widely used materials in the world and is integral to our lives, also in a sustainable society. Steel is durable and can be recycled with no loss of quality. If steel can no longer be produced in Austria, it must be imported from countries with environmental regulations which are far less stringent than their Austrian or European equivalents.

Examples for our sustainable products

Infographic sustainable products

[1] Automotive

High-strength car body panels made from lightweight steel

[2] Rails/Turnouts

Intelligent track changes even at high speed

[3] E-mobility

High-quality electrical steel for electric motors

[4] Railway

Modular lightweigth freight cars for ecological transport

[5] High-bay warehouses

Highly advanced steel sections for fully digital warehouse management

[6] Bridges

Superior-quality prestressing steel strands for stay cable constructions

[7] Aircraft parts

Precisely forged aerospace components

[8] Wind turbines

High-performance electrical steel for generators

[9] Digital vineyard posts

Durable steel posts with real-time information from the vineyard

[10] Agricultural machinery

Robust premium steel for tractor safety cabins

[11] White goods

Coated steel strip for refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances

[12] Smartphones

Ultrapure plastic mould steel for mobile phones

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