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greentec steel Products

greentec steel Edition

With greentec steel we are pursuing an ambitious step-by-step plan for the long-term decarbonization of steel production. As a first step, we already offer all flat steel products produced by the Steel Division based in Linz in a CO₂-reduced version (greentec steel Edition).

The CO₂ reduction is achieved by adapting the manufacturing process; for example, coke is partially replaced by hydrogen-containing reducing agents. The emissions savings are recorded and collected as CO₂ credits in a "CO₂ balance account". The CO₂ savings achieved in the production process and the current status of the balance account are validated externally and confirmed with a certificate.

greentec steel embodies voestalpine’s claim to high quality and advanced technology, as well as its focus on sustainability, because our “green” steel will meet the most stringent quality standards and offer customers high-tech solutions tailored to their individual requirements. At the same time, with its research activities, technologies, innovations and steel’s vital role in a sustainable world voestalpine is making an important contribution to achieving the climate goals over the long term.

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