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New digital standards

With the digitization of production processes, we are setting new technological standards in green steel production. For the first time in the steel industry, there is complete, digital and automated networking of the electric arc furnaces with all upstream and downstream process steps.

Smart scrap processing", digital and AI-supported scrap sorting, plays a special role. Thanks to an intelligent scrap mix, lower-quality scrap can also be used without compromising on quality. This increases the recycling rate and conserves valuable resources. The process routes are continuously optimized through the use of so-called digital twins, Big Data, machine-based learning or real-time information and analysis systems.

greentec steel embodies voestalpine’s claim to high quality and advanced technology, as well as its focus on sustainability, because our “green” steel will meet the most stringent quality standards and offer customers high-tech solutions tailored to their individual requirements. At the same time, with its research activities, technologies, innovations and steel’s vital role in a sustainable world voestalpine is making an important contribution to achieving the climate goals over the long term.

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