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Innovative hybrid concept

voestalpine plans to gradually shift from the coal-based blast furnace route to steel production using green electricity. Here liquid pig iron and sponge iron (HBI) join scrap as the most important pre-materials for tomorrow’s carbon-neutral production of high-quality steel. The significant innovation in this production technology is the raw materials mix, with its increased proportion of HBI.

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Gradual shift from coal-based blast furnace route to steel production using green electricity
Two electric arc furnaces at the sites in Linz and Donawitz by 2030
Rapid and significant CO₂ savings of 3 to 4 million tons of CO₂/year
Highest product quality remains guaranteed
Basis for achieving the hydrogen-based transformation by 2050

Direct reduction as a bridging technology

Direct reduction is an important bridging technology for decarbonizing steel production. It reduces iron ore to iron with natural gas, rather than coal and coke, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions. The direct reduction process is used to produce HBI, a sophisticated and environmentally friendly pre-material used in steel production.

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The hybrid technology would allow the CO2 emitted during steel production at Linz and Donawitz to be significantly reduced, by around 30%. This represents an annual saving of 3 to 4 million tons of CO2.

The hybrid concept is the basis for achieving the hydrogen-based transformation by 2050.

Current research projects

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greentec steel embodies voestalpine’s claim to high quality and advanced technology, as well as its focus on sustainability, because our “green” steel will meet the most stringent quality standards and offer customers high-tech solutions tailored to their individual requirements. At the same time, with its research activities, technologies, innovations and steel’s vital role in a sustainable world voestalpine is making an important contribution to achieving the climate goals over the long term.

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