Strictly speaking, innovations are new products and services that provide new benefits to our customers. In a broader sense, innovations include all of our efforts, to meet the needs of our customers with creative solutions, whether it be a new production technology, a new web-based information platform or a specific logistics service.

Investments in modern production plants and environmentally compatible technologies, the high qualifications of our employees and efficient research and development projects guarantee our customers the best products and state-of-the-art technology.

Research and development

In addition to its efforts in materials development, our research and development department works on the optimization of production processes. Our various welding and forming tests, fracture-mechanical and fatigue-strength testing and simulations of material behaviors help us in our development of a broad range of steel property profiles suited to a wide variety of applications.

Heavy single weights up to 20 tons in slabs from CC7

After an installation time of only 31 days, the new rolling mill was put into operation on November, 16th 2015, successfully and according to schedule – a world record. The state-of-the-art rolling mill was developed in such a way that it will meet the future quality requirements for our products.