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Discover the voestalpine site at Leoben/Donawitz and experience the current era of steel production and processing of a globally leading technology group.

Follow the journey of pig iron on safe visitor tracks: begin at a breathtaking moment, when the blast furnace is drilled out, watch closely as steel gets cast into solid blocks and see for yourself how rails of 120m of length get rolled for their applications around the globe.

Learn more about the origin, the production processes, the versatile possibilites as well as innovations at the Donawitz site - at the blast furnace, steel mill and rail rolling mill.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Minimum age to join a tour is 14 years.

    The tour is not barrier-free and can therefore only be taken by people who are able to walk.

  • We offer tours for a minimum of 6 people and up to 22.

  • As we are only offering tours for groups we initiated a partnership with the Leoben Tourist Office, which also arranges tours for individuals or groups with less than 6 people.


    Registrations for these dates are only available through the Leoben Tourist Office.

  • We understand that some groups are bigger than others. This is why we offer alternatives. In this case we can guide a tour with a maximum of 35 people. We can also split the group and guide one part of the group, while the second part gets a tour at our partners. Then the groups switch round.

  • Of course you have the possibility to go for lunch at our factory restaurant Casedo. However, a reservation is recommended. Please inform us if you want to eat at the restaurant when registering. We will be happy to send you a price list in advance.

  • Factory tours at the Leoben/Donawitz site are a free-of-charge service from voestalpine.

  • We start with a introductory movie, our safety guidelines and information on safety gear which you are provided with during the tour. Then the selected tour begins.

  • Please choose a tour from our page: Tours


    Depending on the chosen tour, the duration is between 1,5 and 3 hours.

    During a tour taking pictures is absolutely prohibited.

    We are offering tours both in German and English.

  • Our tours are conducted by qualified tour guides.

    About us

  • Each tour participant has to wear sturdy, closed shoes and long trousers. With the safety gear provided to you by voestalpine the safety guidelines are respected and adhered to.

  • All tours start at the visitors centre of voestalpine at the Donawitz site.

    Kerpelystraße 199, A-8700 Leoben

  • Visitor groups can register for a tour from on Monday and Wednesday at 10am or 2pm.

    On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday only tours for internal groups are possible.

    On Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, tours are not available.

    We want to politely inform you, due to production related reasons, we reserve the right to change schedules or tours on short notice under exclusion of damage claims. Thank you for your understanding.

  • You can easily book a tour via our registration page: Registration

  • Please contact us via e-mail ( for further information.