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voestalpine VAE VKN is part of the voestalpine VAE Group which is known for its high potential for engineering and R&D capacity.

More than 150 engineers worldwide are working on

  • customized requirements
  • challenges in the high-speed and heavy haul areas
  • LCC (Life Cycle Cost) optimized turnouts and diamonds.

Some locations have their specific strengths, like high-speed, heavy haul or light rail (metro and tramways) or hydraulic and electronic systems (SIGNALING):

Each voestalpine VAE factory has its own engineering department so that customers' needs are dealt with locally.

The central engineering department of the parent company coordinates the flow of know-how within the voestalpine VAE Group.

Customized Solutions

We analyse the requirements of our customers and recommend the best technical and economical solution. The excellent staff potential together with outstanding technical knowledge ensures that customized solutions are put into practice within a short time.

RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) Management

The close connection between safety, reliability and life cycle costs asks increasingly for optimized products with regard to reliability, availability and safety.

Within the scope of the RAMS Management of voestalpine VAE analysis of risks, reliability, maintainability and safety for each product are carried out in accordance with EN 50 126 standards.

The goal of our RAMS Management is to minimize potential risks for humans and the environment and to maximize the reliability and safety of our products.