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Our Objectives

  • Continuous quality-improvement of services and products
  • Introduction of latest technology production processes
  • Application of engineering know-how accessible from Sister Companies around the world
  • Reduction of Life-Cycle Costs of products supplied
  • Decrease maintenance / reconditioning requirements
  • Optimize materials, processes and designs
  • Increase of track-safety through excellence of products
  • Supply of high-quality products according to latest designs
  • New-technology partner of Indian Railways
  • Research and development of new products required by Indian Railways
  • Jointly develop solutions for further improvement in the track network
  • Design & Development of complete turnout systems to become one-stop shop for trackwork-customers
  • Provide complete process to customer - from site-specific design to installation on track
  • Positive, motivated environment for our employees to enable their individuality to unfold and generate outstanding performance for our customers
  • Open communication channels throughout the organisation
  • Improvement Proposal Scheme
  • Maximum involvement of employees in decision process