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Steel meets wood: A weighty issue

21 February 2023 | 

Once again, voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik implemented a high bay warehouse for the wood-based materials specialist EGGER. 1,750 tons of steel bear the specific requirements of the special warehouse in St. Johann in Austria.

voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik and the EGGER Group are two companies with long tradition that are firmly rooted in Austria. Both have kept their feet on the ground and together have been building high for many years in various regions all over the world. In summer 2022, EGGER approved another high bay warehouse project, which voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik successfully implemented for its long-term customer.

Two materials, one goal

When two experts meet, it often happens that long lasting, successful business relationships develop. This also applies to voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik and EGGER. Although the companies have committed themselves to different materials, they are united by their striving for customer intimacy and finding individual solutions. EGGER is a family company that has been growing steadily since 1961 and operates worldwide from its headquarters in St. Johann in Tirol. EGGER is considered the leading brand for solutions for living and working with wood. voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik, a company of the voestalpine Metal Forming Division, is a steel specialist in the business area of high bay warehouses and offers extensive expertise and competence for over 30 years.

High warehouse, deep knowledge

The state-of-the-art high-bay warehouse at EGGER chipboard plant in St. Johann (Tirol), recently realized by voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik, meets the very special needs of heavy-duty storage. Because the chipboards produced by EGGER are not only bulky, but also particularly heavy storage goods. Based on EGGER's individual requirements, a completely new warehouse was designed and developed. voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik provided all services from the engineering according the structural engineering conditions to the finished self-supporting steel structure in silo design, which meets all the requirements for further technical implementation. “The large pre-zone was particularly challenging in terms of processing and assembly; an infeed area from which the chipboards are stored. In addition, a high-voltage line runs just behind the high bay warehouse, that required a special assembly concept. Thanks to the excellent cooperation, everything could be implemented on time and to the fullest satisfaction," says project manager Matthias Fitz.

Impressive summary

Within just one year - from receiving the order in summer 2021 to project completion in mid-2022 - voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik processed almost 1,750 tons of steel. With a length of 149 meters, a width of 24 meters and a height of almost 36 meters, the special warehouse offers space for a total of 4,480 chipboard packages with a maximum weight of five tons per package and thus a total capacity of around 22,400 tons. In addition to adherence to schedules and the usual high quality, the smooth interaction of all interfaces and trades was decisive for the success of the project for EGGER. "So many joint projects bear witness to our history, our long-term business relationship and the fact that the chemistry is just right, both professionally and personally," says Julia Koppensteiner, Marketing & Communications at voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik.

With this successful project at its home location, voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik, as a specialist for high bay warehouses, continues to support its regular customer EGGER in its mission to always make more out of wood with innovative complete product and service solutions.

High bay warehouse FRITZ EGGER GmbH & Co. OG, St. Johann in Tirol, Austria – Facts

  • St. Johann in Tirol, Austria
  • Special warehouse for chipboards
  • Details
    • Maße: (L/B/H) 149/24/36 Meter
    • 750 Tonnen Stahl


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