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voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ, S.L.

voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ, S.L. (former JEZ Sistemas Ferroviarios, S.L.) is committed to the designing, manufacturing, supplying and maintenance of all types of manganese steel switches and railway track systems for railways and tramways, in addition to moulded cast steel parts for the general industry.

Our Technical Department (Department of R&D) ensures we have the capability of designing and producing points and crossings (turnouts, crossovers, scissor crossovers and diamond crossings) or parts of them, such as hard steel manganese crossings, spare tongues as well as the generation of patents. At voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ, S.L. we fit our developments to meet clients’ needs.

  • Talleres y Fundiciones JEZ S.A. has its origins in Bilbao in 1926, when under the denomination Jemein, Errazti y Zenitagoya, a company specially dedicated to the manufacturing of points and crossings such as: turnouts, crossovers, crossings as well as to the production of cast steel pieces for the general industry, was born.
    In 1948, the company moved to the industrial land of Llodio (Álava).
    In 1994, after the joint venture with the Austrian company voestalpine VAE GmbH, it changed its name to JEZ Sistemas Ferroviarios, S.L.


Michael DECKAN

Managing Director - CEO / CFO
Finance & Controlling / Purchasing / Human Resources / Logistics

Juan Carlos SÁNCHEZ

Managing Director - CSO / CTO
Sales & Marketing / Research & Development / QM / Production


Products & Services

  • Design and manufacture of points and crossings. This includes:

    • Interoperable turnouts
    • Double gauge turnouts for two gauge tracks
    • Manganese steel crossings
    • Track devices for central guidance systems
    • Hydraulic setting devices for making switch sets and moveable crossings
    • Hydrolink and Hydrostar type
    • Switch and moveable point crossing motor: Unistar HR and Ecostar
    • Roller systems for low-maintenance for points and moveable crossings Saferoll and Piroll
    • Locking systems for switches and moveable crossings
    • Support systems for setting switches
    • Engineering, maintenance manuals and technical documentation
    • Turnouts and crossings for High speed lines, urban traffic, mixed traffic and heavy haul
  • Commissioning, after sales service, training and maintenance for our products.