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Benefits clearly explained

Professor Metin Tolan from Dortmund Technical University has also looked into the advantages of endurance dynamic and explains in his new video what micro-alloyed, thermomechanically formed steel has to do with nut chocolate.

What has micro-alloyed, thermomechanically formed steel to do with nut chocolate?
Prof. Metin Tolan explains.
Prof. Metin Tolan, Dortmund Technical University

endurance dynamic keeps economic efficiency and quality in their proper perspective..

Prof. Tolan has the insight

endurance dynamic combines an innovative material concept with many years of experience in roll forming at voestalpine Krems. The result is cold-formed hollow sections for dynamic loads, which bring together the cost advantages of cold forming with the quality advantages of hot-formed hollow sections.

Accumulated expertise of prematerial and rollforming

Konkret bedeutet das, dass bei Vorliegen bestimmter technischer Anforderungen, bei denen bisher "automatisch" ein warmgeformtes Hohlprofil eingesetzt worden wäre, nun eine neue Alternative existiert. Denn dank endurance dynamic sind viele Anforderungen nun auch mit kaltgewalzten Hohlprofilen erfüllt und Sie profitieren zusätzlich vom Kostenvorteil des günstigeren Herstellverfahrens.

A micro alloyed and thermomechanically rolled steel with a high degree of purity (yield strength ReH [MPa] 355 – 550) specially developed by voestalpine is used as the base material and ensures that cracks start to form at a much later stage. This makes possible a greater degree of forming, in other words tighter radii. Coordinated synergies from base material development to precision manufacture allow the replacement of hot-formed hollow sections, e.g. in agricultural engineering.

In concrete terms, this means that now a new alternative exists for applications with certain technical requirements that previously would "automatically" have led to the use of hot-formed hollow section. Thanks to endurance dynamic, this requirements can now also be met by cold-formed hollow sections and you profit from the cost advantages of a less expensive manufacturing process.


  • High dynamic resilience
    The formula for success at voestalpine Krems is the optimum section solution for agricultural machinery.
  • Costs of a cold-formed and quality of a hot-formed hollow section
    You get the best of both worlds – ideal for dynamic loads and tight budgets! 
  • Innovative materials concept with significant improvements to forming properties
    Using thermomechanically rolled steel with a high degree of purity as the base material means that cracks start to form at a later stage, higher degrees of formation can be achieved and internal tension peaks are reduced at inclusions.

Steel grades

A formula for success for qualified requirements:

  • voestalpine special quality
  • micro alloyed and thermomechanically rolled steel with a high degree of purity
  • Yield strength ReH [MPa] 355 – 550