Turnout Grinding

Turnout Grinding as Part of an Efficient Railway Maintenance Strategy –
Holistic – Cost-effective – Customized

Turnout Grinding

Holistic Turnout Grinding – An Integral Part of Modern Turnout Maintenance

Track maintenance is getting more and more important these days – due to the call for reduced life-cycle costs as well to growing environmental concern. Purposeful and well-planned maintenance is essential for a reliable rail infrastructure that meets the increasing requirements.

Periodic grinding of rails in tracks and turnouts is part of a holistic maintenance strategy. Uneven running surfaces need to be made even. Faults caused by rolling contact fatigue need to be corrected. The target profile of worn rails needs to be restored. The mill scale needs to be removed from new rails. Only systematic rail maintenance can reduce wear effectively. It is the goal of rail grinding to minimize costs. Rail grinding increases the availability of turnouts including the signalling equipment considerably.

Rail grinding is part of voestalpine BWG’s comprehensive turnout package. Railway operators rely on rail grinding for cost-effective and environment- friendly maintenance that meets the safety requirements. They appreciate short shut-down periods and long-term planning of works and costs.

Analysis and planning, machine and manual grinding works and appropriate cleaning – voestalpine BWG offers you all components of a successful maintenance strategy, either in a package, or particular services that you require in particular cases. Contact us to check how we can help you to bring and keep your turnouts in good shape.

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