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Model 22 Low semiautomatic switchstand.

Model 22 Low semiautomatic switchstand

This low - semiautomatic switchstand is recommended for spurs or classification yards where traffic is heavy and continuous. Its small size lets machinist and classification personnel work with great visibility and safety

Model 20-B Low semiautomatic switchstand.

Model 20-B Low semiautomatic switchstand

This trailable switch stand is recommended where traffic is continuous. What separates this switchstand from other semiautomatic switchstands is its "twin springs" operation.

Model 51-A Low rigid switchstand.

Model 51-A Low rigid switchstand

Non-trailable switch stand, with a counterweight lever which helps to move the mechanism with a low effort. To be used on a medium to high traffic yards or spurs.

Model P Rigid Pavement Switch Stand.

Model P Rigid Pavement Switch Stand

This switchstand is designed for areas where the turnout is in automobile Traffic. It has a very simple mechanism and it comes in a sturdy metal case that can be covered with concrete.