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Deer parks and fences

Innovation made in Krems

More than 60 years ago, voestalpine Krems began manufacturing steel posts for viticulture and fruit cultivation. Because of their sturdiness, the well-known leova® trellis posts were also used for other purposes by ingenious customers in the past. It was often the use as a fence pole, in addition to the construction of pergolas, for which the poles with the characteristic curvature seemed to be particularly suitable. This application was addressed by voestalpine Krems with the development of the leova® 50/40 ZAUN. The newly developed product was specifically optimized to meet the special requirements that are encountered in the construction of wildlife grids and fencing systems.

Tried-and-tested, durable and easy to use

  • For all standard wire types
  • Easy to position
  • voestalpine quality steel
  • Batch-galvanized
  • For all soils and terrains
  • Hooks down to the bottom of the post