The future at work in innovative premium electric vehicle component design

E-mobility is a central focus in the voestalpine Group. Through consistent research and development, voestalpine is actively shaping the future of mobility. Market-leading expertise in the field of innovative steels for automotive lightweight design and the manufacturing expertise of specialized companies in the Group are major benefits for our customers.

Material expertise

The materials used in the flextric modular battery box system are high-tech and high-strength steels made by voestalpine. They save weight, provide safety in a new dimension, are more economical for manufactures than other lightweight materials and can be easily formed. 

Processing expertise

In a way that is unique to the industry, voestalpine companies are highly specialized in material processing and provide individualized solutions to customers from a single source. The innovative spirit of our researchers and developers use this to your advantage. The results are trend-setting components and systems that set standards with respect to their technical properties. The flextric modular battery box system and our compacore® electric steel stacks are only a couple of examples with advantages in the design, manufacture and efficiency of electric motors and generators.

flextric Batteriekasten