The Nordic offices have direct in-house expertise regarding flat carbon steel (coil, also slit and cut), heavy plates (also cut to shape), hollow sections and customized profiles.

We specialize in materials that demand high quality in special applications, and rank as market leaders in:

  • High Strength Steels (cold rolled, hot rolled, heavy plate – Alform® brand)
  • alform® welding system
  • Electrical Steel, semi & full finished, NGO (isovac®)
  • Pole Sheets
  • Deep Drawing steels
  • Prepainted material with special visual effects or coatings between 25-50my
  • Steels for the automotive industry - press hardening, etc.
  • Offshore steels, arctic steels, clad plates, shell/pressure vessel plates and heads, chords, Nickel steels
  • Wear-resistant steels (Durostat®)
  • Innovative, high-quality tubes, profiles and cold-drawn precision steel tubes
  • Seamless Tubes, ToughTubes®
Most of the products we can deliver as coil, slit, cut, but also flame cut pieces and components (e.g. with welding edge preparation). We can even supply you with voestalpine filler material for welding.

We are happy to speak to you and provide support in Danish, English, German & Swedish.

Just give us a call!