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Submerged Arc Welding Fluxes and Wires - European Quality Made in Asia

15. Mär 2017

Your submerged arc welding specialist

Böhler Welding offers a complete range of products for the joining of steel with the submerged arc welding process. Our submerged arc flux portfolio has been developed in co-operation with our European Center of Competence and is manufactured in our state-of-the-art production unit in China. The products are manufactured under global production and quality standards.

The product range comprises several submerged arc wires and fluxes covering non-alloyed, high strength, low-temperature, creep resistant and austentic as well as duplex stainless steels. These wire / flux combinations are applied in demanding industrial segments, such as power generation, process and chemical industries, up and downstream offshore fabrication, pipe mills, wind tower production and civil engineering.

Customer driven development with productivity in mind

Our submerged arc wire / flux combinations are developed with a clear customer focus – in co-operation with key fabricators in their industry segments. Their specific process and weld metal requirements form the basis for the development of new or adapted combinations, which are field tested for the target application at the customer’s.

Welding productivity is a crucial focus area in R&D and in our contacts with fabricators. In our philosophy, our wire / flux combinations must not only satisfy weld requirements, but at the same time improve the economy of the submerged arc welding processes applied by our clients.

Productive packaging options

Our submerged arc product packaging is designed for maximum welding productivity. Next to standard wire basket spools, wires can be supplied on big spools and in drums to reduce downtime with high duty cycle welding systems. Fluxes can be ordered in standard plastic lined bags, but also in big bags.

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