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voestalpine Böhler Welding

Application Services

Your added value

Böhler Welding offers more than best-in-class welding consumables, because in practice, only perfect welds and highest process efficiency count. We are able to guarantee this through our outstanding application support for customers in all branches of industry worldwide.

Our application services provide:

  • Product and technical consultation
  • Process optimization
  • Training courses and seminars

Product and technical consultation

The optimal solution for your requirements

Our experts advise which filler material is optimal for our customers base material, taking into account technical requirements specified for the weld, while observing process efficiency and relevant standards. 


  • Selection of the Böhler Welding product to meet the required classification
  • Review of technical feasibility and economic efficiency
  • Verification of compliance with operating standards, industry specific procedures etc.
  • Advice on the application of the individual product
  • After Sales Service: In addition to our welding recommendations, we provide information on proper storage and handling and assist with any questions as well as trouble shooting.

Process optimization

Welding with highest efficiency

Not only what you do is important – how you do it, is decisive. Our application technicians/engineers are able to review your complete welding process and propose and implement concrete solutions for optimization. Weld defects and downtime are reduced and productivity increased.



  • Process consultation (analyses, productivity audit)
  • Development and implementation of concrete welding process adaptations, in close co-operation with the customer


Education and training

Exchange of know-how to stay ahead

Each weld is as good as the person who is responsible for it. In the Application Technology Centers of our Welding Academy, we teach the skills that make our clients’ technicians and enterprise benefit in the long run. Individual education and training can also be given at the site of our customers, to guarantee best results with the available welding equipment.


  • Individual product and welding training
  • In our worldwide Application Technology Centers or at the customers premises.