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Stick electrodes for high strength steel in pipeline welding: Basic Coating

18th Jul 2017

We supply any type of stick electrodes you may need and our electrodes are always easy to handle, with fine arc ignition and stability. BÖHLER FOX EV 70 Pipe, BÖHLER FOX BVD 85, BÖHLER FOX BVD 90.

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Expert Cladding

26th Jul 2017 | Bad Krozingen

This seminar provides knowledge to efficiently use special welding consumables in key industries facing corrosive media and or high temperatures. This training course includes practical examples and case studies from different industries.

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Verolme UTP Maintenance

No Solar Energy without Polysilicon

Success Story | Netherlands

Verolme® Special Equipment (VSE), is an important supplier of reactors for the polysilicon sector which produces the raw material for the solar and electronics industry worldwide. The thick-walled reactor shells are welded with the hot wire GTAW process using UTP A 2133 Mn welding wire which has an optimized chemical composition and an ultra-clean surface finish optimized for this process

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Mission Spark

Lamp posts, bicycles, cars, bridges and ships: the modern world as we know it would be unthinkable without arc welding with stick electrodes. Although it is one of the oldest welding processes around, it still produces up to one third of all welded products.

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Welding Academy

Excellence puts us a step ahead and is the basis for outstanding performance. Here at Böhler Welding we've set ourselves the goal of sharing expertise with our customers and partners in order to develop excellent solutions together.

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Distributor Program

As pioneers, we are at the forefront of innovation and developing new solutions that are unique in the market. This moves the welding industry forward. Our objective is to achieve more benefit for all.

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