Metallurgical materials

Slag products

Depending on the specific application, a variety of different grain sizes is used in road construction, sand blasting, grit and cement additives.

Regeneration products

High-quality products are created in our hydrochloric and sulfuric acid regeneration plants in the form of iron oxide and iron sulfate. These products are used as valuable raw materials in the electronics industry or as pigments, feed, fertilizers, in the production of concrete and in wastewater technologies.

Lime products

An important material in steelmaking in Linz and Donawitz is the limestone mined in Steyrling. The lime-containing rocks are crushed in crushing plants and sorted into two grain sizes, after which they are sorted and processed into burned lime.

Recycled materials

The by-products occurring during production are processed and recycled or marketed while taking advantage of the chemical composition and product properties.

Coal by-products

We supply by-products such as crude tar and benzene for our customers in the chemical industry. These substances are distilled into high-quality end products

Purchase of replacement reducing agents for blast furnaces

End-of-life plastics and oils are purchased for utilization as reducing agents in the voestalpine blast furnaces.

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