Laser-welded blanks

Partner for large-scale serial production

The basic benefits of our laser-welded blanks are a higher degree of safety, less weight, optimized forming and crash behavior. Renowned automotive manufacturers trust in our expertise.

Comprehensive range of services: We are your partner from development to optimization to quality-assured blank manufacturing. We offer:

Laser-welded blanks with linear and semi-linear weld seams: Optimized modern plant engineering guarantees high-quality products. The entire spectrum of linear parts, including the manufacturing of angle seams, is covered through implementation of multiple loading and weld seam lengths of up to 2800 mm.

Laser-welded blanks with non-linear weld seams: Soutrac manufacturing lines are designed for extremely efficient production of highly complex parts.

At the end of 2015, voestalpine Automotive Components Linz GmbH is aiming to supply serially produced aluminum laser-welded blanks. The joining processes for aluminum car bodies are much more sophisticated. Nevertheless, an additional cost advantage is expected from implementation of laser-welded blanks made of aluminum because the benefits of laser-welded steel blanks can also be achieved in laser-welded aluminum blanks.

Small-sized laser-welded blanks are the trend. voestalpine Automotive Components Linz GmbH has expanded the product portfolio through technological modification of the laser welding lines. Small-sized stamped parts are welded beginning at a width of 100 mm. The advantages of laser-welded blanks, such as weight savings and reduced material usage, are thus enhanced.

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voestalpine Automotive Components Linz GmbH, pioneer and innovation leader in tailor-welded blanks with headquarters in Linz, Austria.

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